Land Mapping

Afghanistan Land Authority – ARAZI is drawing and preparing a variety of political maps. Such as maps of Afghanistan's administrative units, Afghanistan’s roads, 34 units of the provinces, the world's political map, map of hydrology, maps of the 22 districts of Kabul, maps of historical places in Afghanistan, physical map, earthquake map, general economic map of Afghanistan, Political map, Afghanistan airline map, Afghanistan geology map, unexpected natural disaster map, map of the location of the hospitals in Kabul, map of Kabul city, roads distance maps, natural plant map, and other sorts of maps in English, Pashto and Dari.

By ordinance of the Chief of Staff’s Office of the President, ARAZI has accomplished maps drawing and survey of over 1,286,300 jeribs of state-owned land throughout the country. However, scan and collection of over 200 maps and other related affairs have been done so far.