Land Leasing

Development of the private sector in the country is one of the main priorities of the Afghanistan Land Authority – ARAZI. In order to encourage the process of attracting investment in the country and providing the necessary facilities to investors, the Department of Land Leasing reduced 53 phases processes of renting state-owned land into nine simple steps, resulting in a leasing process that lasts typically one to two years and it is now reduced to two months.

As a result, it managed to lease 163,000 jeribs of land to private for private economic purposes, of which 241 million AFN were collected and the private sector invested averaged 36 billion AFN in various fields, such as agriculture, industry, and other important sectors, in resulting for more than 27,000 jobs created across the country. ARAZI is also determined to sustain this theme and is striving to develop the private sector in various areas.