Afghanistan Land Pricing Information System (ALPIS)

Land and other properties in Afghanistan has not been systematically priced so far. This situation has put people, government and the private sector in a bewilderment situation. Lack of information in section has disoriented the process of collecting national revenue and private-sector investment. The problem has provided possibilities of corruption in property dealing significantly.

Finding has shown that there is no any sort of information in which dealing of land should be done based on the statistics. This situation has provided open-ended occasions for corrupt officials and has directly influenced and spoiled the revenue of municipalities and attraction of domestic and foreign investors.

Afghanistan Land Pricing Information System (ALPIS), which has been approved by the president of the country, without any doubt will provide a win-win situation for the government, municipalities, the private sector and the people.

ALPIS is online pricing bank of rural and urban state-owned land which is created and run by Afghanistan Land Authority – ARAZI. The technical team of ARAZI reviews prices of urban and rural state-owned land under the guidelines of national land policy every five-year. People and private-sector can reach online pricing via ALPIS mobile special application.

This Programme is created for the following purposes:

  • Implementing of national policy of land, mapping of land in terms of geographical location, pricing, selling, buying and renting of state-owned land, private property and urban land
  • Private sector and government access to authentic information on building related policies or economic and investment planning
  • Establishing a foundation for creating a dynamic and sustainable property market in the country
  • Decreasing the risks related with banking, in particular the provision of loans against immovable property with specific value
  • Establishing a clear national policy for state and municipalities affiliates on the collection of tax from land services and rural and urban properties

Working Methodology of the Programme:

This programme starts from large cities and then spread to districts and villages levels of the country. According to the program, the pricing of all properties including selling, buying and renting fix on behalf of past five years. In this program, each urban area is divided into several units, and each unit is divided into three categories later on it divides on commercial, semi-commercial and residential areas. The program usually collects information from three sources. Such as Cadastral Team Unit (CTU), property dealers, and regional residents, after analyzing it enters to database and ultimately becoming available to everyone online.

The program was tested in Herat province during a five-day period and the staff of Afghanistan Land Authority - ARAZI managed to collect 1,315 samples from 15 urban areas of Herat. Afghanistan Land Authority is determined to implement the program throughout the country within no time.


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