Invitation for Bids


Bids will be evaluated on basis of price and compliance to our technical specification and the contract will be awarded to the successful bidder. Bidders must quote for the entire quantity. Bidders who have not quoted for full quantity will be treated as non-responsive. 

Download PDF: Non Armoured Vehicles

Closing Date: 13-01-2018

This EMP for the PPG has been prepared by the AILA/ARAZI on the basis of the National Environmental Legislation and the WB requirements. This is to disclose the EMP as a requirement of the WB prior to the signing of the PPG grant agreement.
Download PDF: EMP for the PPG for TA to Afghanistan- AILA project (clean version)
Invitation For Bids (IFB): Lot # 1 Laptop Computer and Lot # 2 Printer, Scanner